Grooming Your Schnoodle

Grooming your Schnoodle should become a regular routine. It includes sending your Schnoodle to a groomer and do-it-yourself maintainance.

A good hairstyle for a Schnoodle is more like the Schnauzer than the Poodle. What I mean is its snout and eye brows should be kept longer than the rest of its body. I have found that the best cut for the rest of the body is just short all over. Your Schnoodle will need to be groomed about every 6-10 weeks depending on the season and your preference.Grooming services in your area

As for maintaining the coat, a Schnoodle needs to be brushed often (at least 5 times a week) to keep the coat tangle free, shiny and soft. If you plan on bathing your Schnoodle often (about every two weeks or more), I would use a spray leave-in conditioner while you brush him/her. A rinse conditioner should be used after the shampoo during a bath to help with any dryness too.