Schnoodle Dog Containment Fence

Schnoodle Dog Containment

Keep your Schnoodle safe. Get a dog containment fence or just put up a traditional yard fence. Schnoodles have high energy and will run off is not contained. I don't recommend tying up a schnoodle as they are much happier scampering around the yard. Plus, they can keep more critters out of your yard when they are more free to explore.

Electric Dog Containment Fence

There are many more choices out there today for dog containment fences, such as an electric, radio frequency (RF) dog containment fence.

All you do is bury a wire provided in a RF containment kit and then put a receiver collar on your Schnoodle. The receivers come in various sizes to accommodate any size dog.

You then set the boundary radius for the wire on the transmitter box. This is the distance from the wire where your Schnoodle will hear a tone. You will put up white flags (provided in the kit) to show your Schnoodle where his/her boundary is.

Then walk your Schnoodle on a leash along the boundary and allow the tone to sound. When the tone sounds, pull him/her back into the yard. Do this for about a week. Repeat these steps without the leash using word commands. The closer your Schnoodle gets to the wire the quicker the tone will sound and eventually a mild shock (kind of like a static shock) will be transmitted through the collar to your dog.

It will only take a few times of getting shocked for your Schnoodle to learn the consequences of testing its boundaries.

After about a month of your Schnoodle obeying the boundaries, begin to remove every other white flag. Repeat this every other day until all the flags are removed.

I strongly recommend the PetSafe Innotek brand of electronic fences as that is the fence we installed for Toby. It has continued to work for over 7 years now.

Innotek Products Ultra Smart Contain N Train In-Ground Pet Fencing System

Innotek Products Ultra Smart Contain N Train In-Ground Pet Fencing System

Keep your dog safe in the yard and well behaved. Only Innotek can offer in-ground pet fencing and remote training system in one package. The comfortable UltraSmart™ collar does double duty, both as a containment collar and as a remote training collar. Train in the yard or outside the property. System includes all elements of our UltraSmart™ in-ground fencing system, plus a pocket-sized controller. Training features 7 levels of stimulation, tone-only training and more. Whether training your dog at the park or playing in the yard, your dog's safety relies on a proper collar fit. Don't guess. Make sure with ReadyTest™. This patented advanced safety system produces a brief audible click from the collar to assure you of perfect collar contact. AN INNOTEK EXCLUSIVE. Features Advanced technology and contoured collar fit, Full function handheld remote trainer included - 150 yard range, Waterproof - Collar and transmitter stand up to rough punishment, even submerged in water, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries - Fast-charging and long life, System comes equipped to cover ¼ acre. Expands up to 25 acres with optional wire kits, 24/7 battery backup, so that the containment system operates even if there's a neighborhood power failure, Patented Run-Through Prevention offers reliable and secure pet containment.