Schnoodle Puppy Adoption

Schnoodle Puppy Adoption

The best places to look for a Schnoodle puppy adoption are dog breeder directories, pet shops, online puppy finders and dog for sale ads.

And, of course, an even better place to look is this website!

About Breeders/Pet Shops

  1. NO PUPPY MILLS! These are the worst place to go adopt a puppy. They are pretty much abusing the mother by making her constantly produce puppies. Don't support them by buying a puppy there.

    Make sure your breeder is not running a puppy mill or your pet shop does not purchase puppies from one.

  2. Ask about their "warrantee" for a puppy adoption. I know a puppy is not a toaster, but every breeder or pet shop should offer some kind of warranteecovering the puppy's health for at least a few months after the puppy adoption.

    This should mean the breeder or pet shop will pay for any vet treatment regarding hereditary illnesses such as heartworm.

  3. Does the breeder or pet shop offer any "perks" with a puppy adoption? When we bought Toby, the pet shop gave us a free 8 lb bag of dog food. This was what they were feeding him there. By continuing to feed him the same food at home, it would lessen the shock of a new environment.

    See if the breeder or pet shop you choose offers anything to help your puppy's transition into your home. This is not required like the first two suggestions, but is an added bonus when comparing breeders or pet shops.

Here are a list of a few breeders online. Check out all their pictures. They are soooo cute!
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