Your Schnoodle's Pet Meds

Flea & Tick Prevention

My strongest recommendation regarding flea & tick prevention pet medications is to not use the off-the-shelf ones in the pet supply stores. The "cheap" ones in the stores have pesticides in them and can make your Schnoodle very sick.

We found this out the hard way with Toby. After applying the store-bought brand twice, we noticed that Toby seemed to slow down a lot for a few days after it. This was the worst it got, but it was enough for me to ask our vet what he recommended.

Our vet told us to use Frontline, a prescription-only flea & tick pet medication. It was twice the cost of the store-bought brand, but was much safer for Toby since Frontline doesn't have any pesticides in it. Be sure to select the correct one for the size of your Schnoodle:

Frontline Topspot for Dogs

To apply a dosage of Frontline, have your Schnoodle in a standing position. Pour the medication onto your Schnoodle's back between his/her shoulder blades. Do this about every 45 days for at least 6 months out of the year during your area's flea and tick season. You can ask your vet when this time is.