Schnoodle Dog Training


Since Schnoodles are a combination of two breed nutorious for barking, it should be no surprise that excessive barking is something you will have to teach control. Fortunately, there have been some advancements in technology that can help in this area.

The "eTraining" solution

Electronic Dog Bark Collars are available that produce a tone and/or small, static-like shock automatically when your dog barks. There are also Electronic Dog Training Collars that operate on a remote control so the owner has more control.

Both of these features are also available in conjunction with the Electric Dog Fence kits.

Innotek Products Rechargeable Basic Trainer - 250 Yard Range

Innotek Products Rechargeable Basic Trainer - 250 Yard Range

Sound familiar? Digging, chewing, running away, jumping. Problem solved!All the utility of Innotek's Basic Remote Trainer and the convenience of a rechargeable collar. The 1 oz., one-button transmitter gives you 7-level flexibility and the option to train with tones only. This unit is easily carried anywhere which ensures that when your dog is misbehaving, you're ready. Maintenance-free rechargeable NiMH batteriesWaterproof collar for your dog250-yard range